Did you know you can heal dry, cracked heels while improving your sleep? Yes, it’s well known that aromatic lavender flowers can improve one’s rest, but it is not so well known how easy it is to join the well-rested sleeper’s club! It’s simple: soothe those painful cracked heals while you sleep with Bōlm organic lavender foot cream and your body will reward you with healthier looking skin.

Science has shown the calming effects from lavender oil increases slow-wave sleep, which helps relax your muscles and allows your body to refresh itself faster. The longer your body remains in slow-wave sleep, the more time your body has to restore its largest organ – your skin. When you apply our all-natural Bōlm foot cream just before bed, the calming scent of sweet lavender will prepare your mind for a night of deep slumber and will help you rest. So, don’t be surprised when you awake and not only see dramatic improvement in your cracked heels, but also much brighter and softer looking skin!

This highly moisturizing, non-greasy foot cream doesn’t stop there. The pure extract from organic Swiss Edelweiss flowers also works to heal unwanted dryness by calming irritated skin and eliminating free radicals that gather in the feet. Additionally, the organic peppermint essential oil component of our foot cream further assists by increasing circulation and replenishing the oxygen in your depleted cells, which leads to greater moisture retention and softer feeling skin. The skin on your feet is the furthest point that your heart and bloodstream support, so a little help from cooling peppermint oil will stimulate and plump those abandoned cells back to full health! Other benefits attributed to the use of lavender oil include: antifungal protection, muscle relaxant, inflammation reduction, sunburn pain reduction, depression and insomnia aid, and minor skin condition improvement.

If stress or an unwatched diet has caused you to suffer from not getting enough rest and you are noticing more and more dry aging skin, fight back with the sleep that only nature can bring you with Bōlm Lavender-Edelweiss Deep Healing Foot Cream. Your skin will thank you!