Many often wonder why cold sore outbreaks are so prevalent and how lysine could possibly help resolve them. According to the Mayo Clinic, 90% of adults worldwide test positive for evidence of the virus that causes cold sores – even those who’ve never experienced any symptoms. Not a single child is born with the virus, but household activities such as kissing the kids, sharing a straw or a fork, or even a razor or towel can transfer the virus to another person even if a blister is not present. However, it spreads most easily during the blister stage when moist secretions occur.

Though infected, many people steer clear of cold sores unknowingly by enjoying a lysine-rich diet (e.g. meat, eggs, dairy and cheese). However, heart-healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, oats, wheat, chocolate and orange juice are all high in arginine – the amino acid responsible for causing outbreaks. Eating these foods regularly will bring painful blisters to the surface typically once or twice a year upon being triggered by stress, fatigue, sunlight, sickness, immune health, or even menstruation.

Those who suffer routinely from cold sores would be wise to avoid cereal grains, seeds and nuts. These individuals should consume more foods that have a high-lysine to low-arginine ratio, like fish, poultry, apples, pears, European cheeses, and potatoes. Why not add a little applesauce to your next meal? And it takes just 10 minutes to pre-boil some baby Dutch yellows for hash browns with breakfast or 20 minutes to boil red potatoes with dinner. Or, while cooking dinner, build up your lysine reserves even more by snacking on an extra aged 100% Gouda cheese, like the masterfully crafted Rembrandt.

Prevasil Medicated Lip Care also contains lysine and is an important addition to dietary lysine consumption. Mental stress is very difficult to measure until a cold sore actually erupts, so the one with Prevasil handy has a tremendous advantage in overcoming the infection quickly.